Cube x Cursed x Curious Chapter 12


… So … Remember when I said I was going to release 3 more items before I closed this group… Well I lied. 😛


To be honest, I thought about doing the other two projects, but after I thought about it a little more… Why would I do the 1st chapter, then drop it… >.< So yeah…

Most of my thanks are in the chapter itself…. but just wanted to thank everyone that supported me throughout these 6 months of me trying to do… something I guess. 

As for all my 3 projects I did.. Kitakubu is going to continue~!! \o/   My friend is going to take over, I’ll probably be helping out (editing wise) 🙂

As for C3 and Tensai.. I don’t know what would happen to them… probably dropped if anything… BUT, since I did promise to do a Tensai chapter a long time ago, (which I didn’t do) I will probably do one chapter of Tensai, before dropping it…










Anyways… Enjoy C3 everyone… This group is officially closed in about…. NOW!!! GTFO EVERYONE!!!!!! D:

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Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku 3


Hey hey hey!!! I am not dead!! (yet)


Anyways 3 things that I want to say… 1, sorry horrible scans suddenly went missing from the world. I had school and work… and doing scanlation and getting others to do their jobs… was not working out, so I decided to take a break…

2, I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special someone that has been with me forever, and she is truly special to me, in every possible way!! ❤ you

3, This is maybe sad or not… but I am planning to shut down Horrible Scans after I release 3 chapters of random titles, 1 you mostly know… not gonna say it… it starts with a “C” and ends with a “Curious”… But anyways… I think that handling a group is too much right now, with school and work… so gonna put it on the side for now until later…



Next note… Please enjoy this chapter of Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku, thank you to the KKK team for everything~!!!!

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Chapter 2

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Cube x Cursed x Curious Chapter 10


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Cube x Cursed x Curious Chapter 9




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